Hey mates! The process of the Space Marine ends here. It´s a bit different compared with our previous works, but […]
Hi guys! We hope you are enjoying our videos in the beach in your holidays! We leave you here the […]
Hi guys! The month is ending, but Horos is ready! What will be next on August? Video by Alfonso Giraldes […]
Hi guys! We have an extra video this month with this part of Hellboy! We want to celebrate the period […]
Hello mates! Here we have the 2nd part of the marine. Thank you very much for the comments received about […]
Hi guys! Second part of Horos ready! Are you painting your version? And, if you are doing that…where are your […]
Hi guys! Alfonso is “out of service”, because as you know, he is now father and he has earned his […]
Hey guys! Another month that ends, and we do that with the big one, Hellboy! Are you ready for July? […]
Good morning everyone! This is one of the new processes that we started this month: a Space Marine. Yes yes […]
Hi guys! We release today the part 11 of Hellboy! Enjoy it, as it´s the last month he will be […]