Hi students! Today we have published the last video in the Iorghu series for all the David Arroba subscribers. Enjoiy it!
Hi students! Today we are going to reveal only for subscribers (in a few days we will show it in the World Expo) this incredible figure sculpted by Joaquin Palacios for a collector. If you want to know more, watch the video, it's very interesting!
Hi students! Today we launch a new series with this interesting video of David showing us how he has has painted the skin with a very interesting tone of this Big child figure.
Hi students! With this final chapter we arrive to the end of the Valeria series. In this last episode David share with us his final thoughts about this grat bust.
Hi students! In this New chapter David shows us how he has painted the face and the fabric around the helmet/head in this cartoonish style. What do you think about this video? Is interesting this change or kind of video? We will wait for your feedback.
This is the streaming of the 3rd of May where David Arroba shows the entries of the Golden Demon contest and picks the winner, this streaming has english subtitles.
This is the streaming of 3rd of May where David Arroba continues his journey to the Golden Demon
Hi students! This Month David Arroba gives us his best effort with an almost hour video showing us how he has painted the defeated elf showing us NMM, fabrics, skin... we hope you enjoy it!!
Hi students! Today David Arroba brings us a new free video for all of you in which he shows us how to paint the wings of the winged primarch and you can apply this technic in all the feathered creatures you want to paint.
Hi students! Today we bring you the first chapter of a new series with David Arroba painting the bust of the Goblin Mercenary sculpted by Lucas Pina to his own brand Spiramirabilis Miniatures, this time David modifies his usual style painting it in a "Cartoon" style.