Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay we haved some technical issues, but they are solved! Today we release the last […]
Hi everyone! Today we have posted the last part of this short process of this figrure from the Cursed city […]
Hi everyone! This week we bring to you the first part of this undead from the Cursed City box. Enjoy […]
Hi everyone! In this second chapter David show us how he has painted the giant crab of this Cancer figure […]
Hi everyone! Today we start with the process of the second box art of David Arroba for the kickstarter Zodiac […]
Hi everyone! In the second part of this interesting process David finishes the model looking for a specific ambience. Enjoy […]
Hi everyone! In this new process David changes the scale to paint one of the miniatures of the infamous Cursed […]
Hi everyone! Here you have a new video! We’ve got a new mini-series this month. With Urco’s “logbook” I want […]
Hi everyone! This month we have published the final part of the video process of Piscis, painted by David Arroba […]
Hi everyone! In the last part of this series David give the final touches to this figure from the kickstarter […]