Do you remember our first video on Patreon? Basilisk painted an Orange Space Marine Primaris. Now we have reedited this […]
Hi guys! It´s friday, and we release a new video process of the Nun to enjoy the weekend! If someone […]
Hi guys! We know that today is Valentine’s Day and, definetly, it is not a day to waste painting, haha. […]
Hi guys!  We release (a bit late but still on Friday) the next part of The Nun. We hope you […]
Hello guys! To say goodbye to the month, and as will be customary (as long as everything goes well), we […]
Hi guys! This is Basilisk´s first Painting Academy video! In this part and the next one that we will release […]
Hi guys! This is the final part of the Fyreslayer process! Remember that this is the first video that appears […]
Hi guys! Second part (the third one is going to be released tomorrow) of the Fyreslayer process! I have to […]
Hi guys! This is one of the latest Wargame videos that will come out, in fact, it is already a […]
Hi guys! Second (and final) part of the Titanicus Process. Tag us if you follow the video to paint your […]