Hi mates! Sorry about the delay releasing this first video. It was programmed to be ready on the first days […]
Hi folks!  I know you will not read me today, but the promise is always a debt, and I promised […]
Hi guys! This month we have an special guest: Banshee. Remember our first vid, the Orange Space Marine Primaris? We […]
Hi there! Part 2 of Nurgle Drone process complete. This part finished the Drone, so you are ready to paint […]
Hi guys! First of two parts of the Nurgle Drone process. Second in a few days.  I think is a […]
Hi guys! This is the first WW vid, with one Orange Primaris, a color that usually likes but it´s difficult […]
Hi guys, I decided not to do the pdf I commented in the Primaris video, and in exchange I made […]