Hi guys! Second part of this How To video. When are you going to show us your sculpting processes? Enjoy […]
Hi guys! This is a video about how to create a Skull, a main part of the process of creating […]
Hi guys! The last video before the end of this month. We have a hot July incomming! Take advantage of […]
Hey guys! The end of the wor…I mean, the month, is near, and we are releasing the last videos of […]
Hi guys! With this video we are updated! We are going to do some changes on the sculpture content trying […]
We are so sorry because of the delay. We are launching all the vids of sculpture in the next days, […]
Hi guys! Part 4 of the miniaturist! During the next few days there will be several videos of sculpture, but […]
Hi mates! Here we go, recovering the delay of the month with this How to video. Very interesting tutorial about […]
Hi guys! Video about how to re-sculpt part of the hair in the gladiator bust. Very useful if you dont […]
Hey there! We continue with the Miniaturist, 3rd video. He´s becoming a painter definetly…:P Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Hola […]