Hi everyone! In this new chapter David shows us how he has painted the wood of the shield, this process […]
Hi everyone! This is one of the last month scheduled videos, sorry for the delay. In the second chapter David […]
Hi students! Today we have released a new chapter in the Imperator series. Remember to comment in the videos section […]
Happy holidays! In this chapter you will see Alfonso refining the miniature, we are close to the end! This figure […]
Hi everyone! In this free video David Arroba shows us how to paint orange metal. Join the David Arroba pledge […]
Hi everyone! We hope that your entry in 2022 has been good. This year we are going to do many […]
Happy holidays! We hope you are ok and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! See […]
Hi everyone! This month David has started this amazing miniature, for me, one of the best of the last Hera […]
Hi students! In this episode Alfonso paints the rider NMM. Remember to comment in the videos section to leave your […]
Hi everyone! This month we need to modify the scheduled videos, instread of publish the first part of Kragnos, we […]