Hi students! We’re sorry for re-scheduling the content, but technical issues have forced us to change the release order of […]
Hi students! This month we begin the boxart process of this busts. We have decided to take a different course […]
Hi guys! Welcome to the part 4 of the Hospitalier, where Julio is painting the face of this awesome figure, […]
Hi guys! The end of the month will be full of videos!I´m changing the order, releasing this one from Julio […]
Hi everybody! Summer is ending, but not the quality content! So here is the video from Julio and his hospitalier! […]
Hi! Today we bring you a video about how to paint other types of textures, in this case painted with […]
Hey everybody! This is the last video of this fantastic process by Julio Cabos. Putting a final touch on a […]
Hi! Today the Master Julio Cabos is going to show us how to apply some textures with airbrush and some […]
Hey guys! Penultimate part of the Samurai, already focused on finishing what we started with: the base, as well as […]
Hey guys! Here you have another part of our Samurai, which leaves almost finished the figure. In the next videos […]