We are the first Online Academy that teaches all you need to know about how to paint miniatures.

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Alfonso Giraldes “Banshee” started teaching miniature painting classes back in 2004.

In 2018 “Banshee” and David “Basilisk” started this Online Academy as a project on Patreon. A year later, more than 1000 students have improved their painting skills through our video tutorials and classes.

What will I get with this pledge?

A deeper understanding of the Miniature Painting Art.

Start in the miniature painting world through the fundamentals of painting.

Explore different styles, and understand the different processes of a painting project.

Be shown every technique, tips, material, tools and approaches. Every level, every style and every size is covered.

Learn about composition, theory concepts, step by steps, decisions, how to affront challenges and take advantage of them.

Develop your own painting style in the miniature world.

All you need to start is here! Are you ready to learn?



Do you want to learn the magic behind the creation of a figure? With this pledge you will discover since the sculpting to the end

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Banshee has sculpted for many companies during the last decade: Games Workshop, Scale 75, KnightModels, Nuts Planet, CMON, Rum&Bones, Dark Age and Banshee Art Studio…

He has wide experience also doing original sculptures and conversions for contest or wargame purposes.

What will I get with this pledge?

To Transform and customise your figures.

To Start in the Miniature Sculpting world.

To Understand basis of an sculptural process.

To Learn how to tackle different clays

To create your own customized tools to be comfortable while you sculpt

You will learn the basis of how to design miniatures

You will be able to create your own ideas from zero or use the existant models to create exclusive characters!

You will learn tools and tips from someone that has been designing, sculpting and art directing sculptors for more than a decade.


All you need is here!

Limited seats

Experience the art direction of our teachers, who has given seminars around the world

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With more than 1000 students around the world, many of the world most renowned painters had been his students of our teachers.

He will lead you to analyze your pieces, to understand and to progress in your own personal journey through the Miniature Art.

His teaching philosophy will help you to discover the artist you have inside!

You will be directed and advised during the entire process of any project, from its first steps till the end.

Any kind of project: design, sculpt, paint, build dioramas… anything you can imagine. You are the limit.

Check the testimonials that some of our Journey members have written about their experience. You will see how successful the pledge is and the amazing results everyone achieved.

We assure you great results!



Follow David Arroba in his “work journal” with videos, streamings and learn how he paints for some of the most amazing brands



Knowledge is power!! With this combo you will learn from two great teachers, Alfonso Giraldes “Banshee” and David Arroba

Join us! It will only take a minute

Latest Videos

--ENGLISH VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON WE CAN-- We are working in the english versions of the Wargame videos, we are facing problems to find the right solution for this, but we have one and we are going to update them as soon as posible. Hi students! In this second video, Rodrigo Akore will finish the Ork Boy for your your Kill Teams. Enjoy it!
Hi students! In this new process with Rafa from RGHpaint will show us how to paint a Space Marine from the Leviathan box in a easy and fast method, with this tips to paint the armour and the easy NMM, your miniatures will look amazing in the table! Enjoy it!
--ENGLISH VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON WE CAN-- Hi students! Today Rodrigo Akore will show us how to paint an Ork Boy to look great in your Kill Teams. Enjoy it!
Hi students! Hi students! Today we bring you this new process with Rafa from RGH studios. In this process he will show us how he has painted a Terminator from the Leviathan box in a easy and fast method, your miniatures will look amazing in the table! Enjoy it!

Latest news

Hi students! For all the students who want to buy Scale75 products, paints, figures, etc. You have a 15% discount with the code we have in the news section of the website!
Hi students! Alfonso is working hard in his World Tour "Back to the road 2022" in workshops of EEUU, Spain, Uk, Netherlands, etc. In one of this workshops he was interviewed for the Youtube channel "Rising Ape" about an interesting topic. Is a short and very interesting interview. Enjoy it!
Hi students! Today we bring you a very […]


Banshee Miniature Art Academy is a miniature painting team based on Spain and headed by Alfonso Giraldes, AKA Banshee and David Mommel AKA Basilisk

Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the Miniature Industry. Alfonso has worked for Andrea Miniatures, Knightmodels, Scale 75, Forgeworld, Nuts Planet, Pegaso models and many others companies. He had developed jobs such as art director, boxart painter, sculptor and concept artist. He had teached classes all over the world reaching more than 1000 students in 25 cities all over the world. David had worked as a boxart painter and licensed teacher for years.

Join us! It will change your life

What you will learn through these lessons!

Everything about Miniature Art. Every style, technique and approaches


Learn all you need about all the tools involved in the creation of miniatures, brushes, airbrush, sculpting tools, different paints and pigments. What to use? how to use? There won’t be doubts any more!


All the techniques involved in any kind of process. Wet blending, feathering, glazing, stippling, basecoating, layering, any technique will be explained and showed. You will learn how to control the brush, paints and dilution. All the technical aspects will be covered.


Colors give you headache?. Alfonso has taught Color theory courses in more than 20 cities over 3 continents! Color mixing will never be a problem anymore. Learn how to observe, analyze and create your own palette and the work of other painters!


Do you want to create your own miniatures from zero?. do you want to learn the basis of sculpture? learn how to create your own projects, customize your tools, learn about how to design commercial models or how to create your own original sculpts


Our students have access to special offers and exclusive products! Our sponsors always give us unique discounts for our students!

You will have also special discounts on our shop!


We are an Academy, and our duty is to be there to resolve your doubts! You can ask us your questions in several ways. we answer all the comments, we offer streams to have a better feedback with our students and you can have access to personalized tutoring and corrections through the Journey pledge


We really believe that variety and diversity of styles is the real future of the Miniature Art. We will teach you how to create artworks with different styles, approaches and techniques. Each process is unique and in all of them you will find an endless amount of priceless information.

Guest artist!

We are the first Academy concept in the miniature industry. We don´t focus on our own skills, we bring many different artists. We can teach you a lot of things, but variety of sources of knowledge is essential to improve your skills. Meet amazing guest teachers such as Roman Lappat, Marc Masclans, Julio Cabos, David Arroba and many others!