Hi guys! The end of the month will be full of videos!I´m changing the order, releasing this one from Julio […]
Hi guys! I´´ m sorry because of my delay last month, but here is the 3rd part of Kroak. Current […]
Hi students! Tomorrow David Basilisk is going to celebrate his birthday streaming the fourth chapter of Arizara’s series… Here you […]
Hi everyone! The last video of august is the new painting process of David Basilisk, the new version of one […]
Hi guys! I´m ending my holidays, but I hope yours not! Anyway, something that is ending is this process of […]
Hola a tod@s!! El Podcast “Pintando en Miniatura” cierra otra magnífica temporada y en su último podcast publicado han decidido […]
Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying the summer! I´m going to start my holidays, but not before giving you […]
English below Hola a todos! Hemos lanzado esta nueva escena en In Motion Creations: Roma Victrix!Una escena diseñada para ser […]
Hi guys! Here is the 4th part of Gulgron! Next month we will finish it and start a new process, […]
Hi guys! In this third part you can see David painting the gloves, the vest and started with the NMM […]