Hi students! In the ninth part of this process Alfonso starts to evaluate the process and looking how it looks […]
Hi students! In this part Alfonso has worked in the dragon skin giving texture and layers of information. Remember to […]
Hi students! Here in spain we are facing an extreme temperature we hope in your contry you have a good […]
Hi students! In this sixth part you can see how Alfonso continues with the dragon and the base of the […]
Hi students! In this part Alfonso is working in the No Metallics and defining the shadows of the dragon. Enjoy […]
Hi students! In the fourth part of this process Alfonso starts to sketch more parts of the figure like the […]
In this second third part Alfonso talks about the dragon skin texture and how to apply texture in a large […]
Today we have published the first video of this incredible figure of Scale75. If you want to paint this figure, […]
In this second part Alfonso starts the painting process choosing the basecoats and giving some texture Video by Alfonso Giraldes […]
We want to thank all the people who have supported us with this new platform and we want to celebrate […]