Hi guys! Second part of White Ghost ready! In www.inmotioncreations.com you have a 5€ off in this figure using the […]
Hey guys! Welcome to the second to last chapter of the Hospitalier from Julio Cabos.I hope you have entered the […]
Hi guys! Here is the new process, the White Ghost! Remember that you have this miniature with an extra discount […]
Hi everybody! If you have the doubt about how to make leather of different colors…here is the solution: Julio will […]
Hi guys! Here is the last video of November, let´s see if I cover all the delay on December and […]
Hi guys! Here is the 6th part of our bit toad. I hope you are enjoying Sunday and that you […]
Hi guys! Welcome to the part 4 of the Hospitalier, where Julio is painting the face of this awesome figure, […]
Hi guys! A bit late but taking the step! Here is the 5th part of Lord Kroak.November will be the […]
Hi guys! My apologies, Im late again! Here is the 4th part of the big toad, and I´ll upload the […]
Hi guys! The end of the month will be full of videos!I´m changing the order, releasing this one from Julio […]