Our Teachers

Different personalities, different styles, different tastes, different techniques.. but all with something in common:
Great professionals with a large experience in the Industry.
master painters and sculptors, award winners, renowned teachers, great personalities!

Alfonso Giraldes  “Banshee”

More than 1000 students, 25 cities over 15 countries. Teaching since 2005

More than 15 years in the industry. Alfonso has worked for the majority of the best miniature companies in the world. Experienced art director.

Multiple best of shows includying 2 slayerswords, Best of fantasy Monte san savino.

Major award Gran Maestro MSS 2018

David Arroba

At this 27 years of age and after spending 4 years working as a profesional painter for some of the most known brands of the industry (Black Crow, Big Child, Black Sun, Cool Mini or Not, etc.)

David has also won some of the most recognized international painting awards, Master painting award for two consecutive years at Monte San Savino Show and two Master painting award for two consecutive years at Scale Model Challenge, among many others.

His other passion, teaching makes him want to share with you all his secrets.

Marc Masclans

Marc has been painting as professional for the last 10 years working as a box artist and painter for collectors. In the last 3 years he started teaching all over Europe and collaborating with video tutorials to provide hoobists tools to improve their skills.

Ranking number 1 in Putty and Paint gallery he has also won several Gold in international contests in Historical and Fantasy categories. Best of Painter in Monte San Savino 2018.

Roman Lappat

Roman Lappat ‘jarhead’

Teaching worldwide Miniatureart since 2009.

State Examination in Art and Art History teaching.

100+ Beginner seminars, 70+ special topic seminars,

100+ Private Coaching Students,

3000+ students so far.

Experienced Event Organisator, Miniature Competition Judge, boxart- and comission painter, succesfull competition painter and art directing projects. Self-employeed since 2006 and professionally working in the industry since 2009.

Rafael Guillén

He is in this hobby since 1993.

Has worked since 2000 in the world of miniatures in Games Workshop and Quimera Miniatures and as a comissioned painter since 2007 and become a teacher in 2009.

He has painted more than 10k of miniatures and game boards, having improved his skills for years focused in the process of painting antire armies at great level