Hi students! We’re sorry for re-scheduling the content, but technical issues have forced us to change the release order of […]
Hi students! This month we begin the boxart process of this busts. We have decided to take a different course […]
Hi everyone! We have changed a little bit the November schedule to bring you the next chapter of Aries. In […]
Hi! This month we want to bring a slightly different video, this time Alfonso will analyze the work of two […]
Hi students! Today we have only released the video in spanish, sorry for the inconveniences. Due to health related issues […]
Hi everyone! In this fourth episode of this process of Aries of the Scale75 kickstarter Zodiac Mystic signs Alfonso has […]
Hi students! In this episode Alfonso focus his attention in the NMM of the dragon. Remember to comment in the […]
Hi everyone! This week we are going to release all the videos of this month. In this chapter Alfonso paints […]
Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in the release of this episode of Capricorn of the kickstarter campaign of Scale75’s […]
Hi! When we released the Major Rawne process, many of you asked for this type of video but applied to […]