Hi everyone! Thanks for your feedback! The Alfonso video reactions has been a huge success. Today we want to share the second part of this Fucksmoothness exercise. A lot of students asked to us about how to "continue" a sketch and we have recorded the "refinement" process of a Wolverine bust, we are going to release it next month! Enjoy it!!
Hi everyone! Big Child Creatives did a fantastic job creating the painting style for these figures, and in the academy, you can see how Alfonso paints Punisher and Spider-girl. In this new video, Alfonso will show us another different way to paint these figures, to give them a very nice finish, but away from the style these figures have always had. Enjoy it!!
Hello students!! Today Borjammer continues with his project of a Seraphon army for Age of Sigmar, in this video he will show us how to paint pale skins in a very effective way. Enjoy!
Hi students! Today we are tackling a complex topic. Many of you in our in-person classes have talked to us about the difference between seeing a figure in person versus in a photo. In this video, we will address topics such as contrast, lighting, and you will be able to see works of other artists from a different perspective. Enjoy it!!
Hi students! Today we want to share with you the last part of this process by Rafa where he wants to show you how to paint your Elves for your Old World armies.
Hi everyone! To finish this month we will release the first part (of two) of this sketch made by Alfonso in this Wolverine bust. A great and fun exercise to watch and learn. We are changing logos and some overlays to match the new website. We want to know your opinion about other of the upgrades of the video, instead of only make a english audio, Alfonso has made a "video reaction". Enjoy it!!
Hello students!! In this new second part Borjammer will show us how to paint the Raptadon rider and a desertic base in a very effective way. Enjoy!
Hi students! In this new process Rodrigo Akore will show us how to paint this great miniature from the new cities of Sigmar range. This will be a more complex and in depth guide than other videos of Rodrigo. Stay tuned for the next part! Enjoy it!
Hi students! In this new process with Rafa from RGHpaint will show us how to paint a Elf knight for your Old World armies. This is an effective and interesting process for wargamers and beginners.
Hi everyone! This is the end of this process and as you can imagine, this video is about the final details... but no! At the end of the process with the figure almost finished Alfonso paints a violet shadow in the back of the bust, a risky movement, he will succeed? If you want to buy the figure, here you have the link. Enjoy it!!