Hi guys! For those of you that missed the Streaming, here it is the Invocatio video! Hope you can enjoy […]
Hi guys! This is de video of the past friday! Thanks for joining us in the streaming! And, for the […]
Hello guys! Thanks to everyone who was in streaming!  This is the link for those who missed it. See you […]
Hi guys! This is the streaming of the last week! Thanks you all for joining us in such a difficult […]
Hi guys! Looks like this video was missing somewhere on Patreon, so we post it again! Thanks! Enjoy the sunday! […]
Hi guys! You told us that we have miss the pt2 of the Invocatio Process, what the…?! So here it […]
The streaming of our new series, edited without the waiting room, :). Hope you enjoy our new way of teaching […]