Hi! Today we bring you a video about how to paint other types of textures, in this case painted with […]
Hi! And today we share with you the end of this process where Alfonso will show us how it works […]
Hi! And continuing with our collaboration with Nocturna Models, this time we bring you the first part of a process […]
Hi! This month we started with a very interesting process testing Nocturna’s N-Paint paints, which are perfect for glazes and […]
Hi! This week we bring you a process of how to do something stressful to a lot of painters.When your […]
Hi! This time we bring you the most important part when you fail in a project, to solve it! In […]
Hi! Sorry for posting one day late the video. In this ocasion we want to share how Alfonso has painted […]
Happy new year!! We hope you are starting the year with happyness and new goals to reach! And there is […]
Hey guys! As you know, I released a miniature brand last month, In Motion Creations, with a first duel that […]
Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE