Hi students! Happy new year! Sorry fot the delay with the last video of the year. Today we bring you a different video about different topics, almost an hour of theory. We have put a lot of effort in this video, please sare with us if this kind of content is useful to you.
Hi students! Today we bring you a video where we will talk about how to paint reflections on metal surfaces. […]
Hi! This month we want to bring a slightly different video, this time Alfonso will analyze the work of two […]
Hi! In the last video of this month we bring you a video to explain different dilutions to blend or […]
Hi! A lot of people is requesting us more content on color theory, today we decided to bring you a […]
In this video we are going to analyze how to paint this characteritic kind of hair with references of this […]
Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE
Hi guys! Ready to start the month! A bit late, we know! But we need some holidays too! We hope […]
Hi guys! Second part of The Red video…some of you were awaiting for it, I know it! Cliff hanger!! 😛 […]
Doubts with the red? Do you want to learn color theory step by step? Banshee´s color theory courses are over, […]