Hi everyone! In this video David Arroba shows us how to paint this Stormcast Eternal shield. The video is part […]
Hi everyone! This is the October streaming with English subtitles created by Garbiñe, this time David explains how to paint […]
Hi guys! I´´ m sorry because of my delay last month, but here is the 3rd part of Kroak. Current […]
Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay this month releasing the videos, I will be up to date in October but […]
Hi everyone! The last video of august is the new painting process of David Basilisk, the new version of one […]
Hi everyone! Today we have posted the last part of this short process of this figrure from the Cursed city […]
Hi everyone! This week we bring to you the first part of this undead from the Cursed City box. Enjoy […]
Hi everyone! In the second part of this interesting process David finishes the model looking for a specific ambience. Enjoy […]
Hi everyone! In this new process David changes the scale to paint one of the miniatures of the infamous Cursed […]
Hi guys! In my Youtube channel Inmotion Creations I am going to upload free videos like this one, usually about […]