Hi everyone! We have updated the second part of Elliot Lucky shot Maynard video adding the english version, sorry for the delay. Today we bring to you the fourth chapter of Iñigo, we hope you are enjoying the series, this friday we will release the fifth chapter of The Thinker, we are close of the end of this process.
--ENGLISH VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON WE CAN-- Hi everyone! In this third video of the Iñigo series Alfono will show us how he has painted the thin beard, the vest and the shirt, a very interesting video talking about painting texture, black, white, etc.
Hi students! Today we bring you the second chapter of Iñigo where Alfonso shows us how he has painted the face, the "recent beard" and the eyes of this great bust from Scale75
Hi students! Today we bring you a new collaboration with Scale75, introducing his new product line "Characters", Alfonso has painted 2 boxarts and we want to share with you the painting process of both busts. In this first episode of Iñigo, Alfonso speaks about this character and starts to paint the skin with a "cell-shading" method.