Hi guys! We wanted to end the month with Horos, but we have to swap the processes, so we will […]
Hey guys! This is the penultimate video from Horos, so we open the last month of the year with our […]
Hey guys! We have to change the schedule and release Horos today instead of Dillon, as the file is corrupted […]
Hey guys!  Wish you a nice weekend starting with Horos today! #happypainting! Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Hola chicos! Os […]
Hey guys! We release today de 11st part of Horos, a process that after that month, won´t last for too […]
Hey guys! We wish you a happy halloween! And if you have problems with some monster…we leave here our light […]
Hi guys! Mid of the month, with our friend Horos, who is start looking like a true Paladin…:P Enjoy the […]
Welcome to Patreon on our third year! This month we have a bounch of videos and some surpirses to celebrate […]
Hi guys! Basilisk´s Month is ending…but we say goodbye to it by releasing this video of our favourite Paladin: Horos! […]
Hey guys! Releasing the 6th part of Horos! Hope you enjoy it! Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Hola chicos! Seguimos […]