Hi everyone! We want to share with you the images of the last boxart painted by Alfonso for the kickstarter […]
Hi students! In this part Alfonso is working in the No Metallics and defining the shadows of the dragon. Enjoy […]
Hi! This month we started with a very interesting process testing Nocturna’s N-Paint paints, which are perfect for glazes and […]
Hi students! In the fourth part of this process Alfonso starts to sketch more parts of the figure like the […]
Hi everyone! Here you have the second video of April. We continue with our “how to paint golden non metallic […]
Hi everyone! We continue with our beloved minotaur project based on Paul Bonner’s illustration. Now, we stop working on the […]
Hi everyone! Our second video of march is here, we start a new project about how to paint non metallic […]
Big images of all angles here: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/29929 You can vote if youy feel it deserves on putty and paint! and […]
Hello everyone and wellcome to the second part of the Minotaur. On this video you will be able to see […]
Hi everyone! Wellcome to our first project. This month we will be painting the Minotaur of our friends from Journeryman […]