Hi students! In this second episode Alfonso show us how to paint an easy golden NMM and give the final touches to the face.
Hi students! We want to share with you a new free video where David shows us how he has painted the Golden NMM armour of this Stormcast Eternal. If you are a David Arroba suscriber you can watch the full process searching for the word "Golden" in the video section of the web.
Hi students! Sorry for the delay in the schedule, today we bring to you the last part of this very interesting process. Enjoy it!
Hi students! In this interesting video we will show you how Alfonso has painted this Bronze NMM helmet of this bust from Fer Miniatures.
Hi students! In this New chapter David shows us how he has painted the face and the fabric around the helmet/head in this cartoonish style. What do you think about this video? Is interesting this change or kind of video? We will wait for your feedback.
Hi students! With this second video we end of this interesting process where Alfonso will finish the helmet giving a few final touches with the airbrush to give the helmet a polished look.
Hi students! Today we bring you a new episode where David shows us how he painted the metallic parts of this Spira Mirabilis bust with a different visual style than the usual NMM. It is a perfect example of how an "simpler" and well executed NMM can be visually beautiful.
Hi students! With this video we want to show you how to paint polished steel elements like a helmet, trying to achieve those reflection effects that give the figures a certain "realism". Alfonso gets down to work to be able to explain what types of colors, brushstrokes you can use to be able to apply it to your figures!
Hi students! Today we bring you a video where we will talk about how to paint reflections on metal surfaces. […]
Hi students! With this final chapter we arrive to the end of the Valeria series. In this last episode David share with us his final thoughts about this grat bust.