Hi students! And this is the first part of the final video of Aries, we have decided to split this video in 2 for 2 reasons, the first one is because the final video will be too long if we keep it toguether and the other is because the second part is only refinement and final touches and and we don´t know if some students can find it boring. Tomorrow we will release the second part.
Hi students! Here you have this month Aries episode! The next month we will publish the end!
Hi stundents! With this episode the Capricorn series come to the end!
Hola a todos y todas! y con este vídeo nos acercamos al final de la saga de Aries.
Hi students! We are close to the end! In this chapter Alfonso give some finishing touches to the miniature and […]
Hi everyone! In this new chapter Alfonso shows us how he has painted the singular base of this figure and […]
Hi students! This month we have changed the shedule order, we have ready all the videos ande they will be […]
Hi students! Today we have released a new chapter in the Imperator series. Remember to comment in the videos section […]
Happy holidays! In this chapter you will see Alfonso refining the miniature, we are close to the end! This figure […]