Hi students! This month we begin the boxart process of this busts. We have decided to take a different course […]
Hi everyone! In this video David Arroba shows us how to paint this Stormcast Eternal shield. The video is part […]
Hi everyone! We want to share with you the images of the last boxart painted by Alfonso for the kickstarter […]
Hi! This week we bring you a process of how to do something stressful to a lot of painters.When your […]
Hi! This time we bring you the most important part when you fail in a project, to solve it! In […]
Big images of all angles here: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/29929 You can vote if youy feel it deserves on putty and paint! and […]
Hi! Sorry for posting one day late the video. In this ocasion we want to share how Alfonso has painted […]
Hi guys! Final part of this short serie of How To! We are waiting to see your processes so don´t […]
Hi guys! While releasing the next part of Thor, you have here an special of two parts about Freehands. What […]