Hello students!! This month the Academy has a lot of surprises, the new Plan Academy with 3 videos plus an extra and until the new web releases the Artist plan of Alfonso will be included with 3 more videos. 7 videos in only one month! To start with this month here is the next and final part of this Goblin paint by the hand of Borjammer. Enjoy!
Hello students!! We apologize for the delay in Alfonso's videos. Due to health and family issues, he hasn't been able to dub the videos on time. Over the next 2 weeks, we will catch up on his content. Today, we bring you a simple and enjoyable process led by Borjammer, who will show us how he painted this little Goblin in a simple and effective way. Thank you all for your patience. In January, we will reveal a significant change within the academy that will benefit everyone. Enjoy!