Hi students! Hi everyone! Today we bring you a content quite different from the usual. As you all know, we are "exploring" new video formats and content that may interest you. Thanks to your feedback, we have been improving, and we have implemented those things that you have liked. In today's video, we will be able to see a fragment of a private critique from the group "The Journey," which are the students whom Alfonso guides in their projects. On this occasion, the critique is directed to Anthony Wang, who is painting his version of "The Thinker," aiming to imitate a Chiaroscuro similar to Caravaggio's. Enjoy it!!
Hi everyone! This is the final part of this great process, we hope you liked it and if you want to share with us your opinion, please comment below. Enjoy it!!
Hi everyone! Today we bring you this fifth part of the Thinker, the next episode will be the last of this series. In this episode Alfonso will try to add a yellowish source of light "an ambiental OSL", he will succeed? Enjoy it!!
--ENGLISH VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON WE CAN-- Hi everyone! In this new episode Alfonso will show us how to paint his favourite color, the RED. In this video he will show us how he has repaired the masking problems.
Hi students! This is a special chapter of this process because to show you the amount of work of the face, we have to split the screen several times (each screen with 2 views), this is because Alfonso has spent more than 10 hours creating the texture of the face, in this chapter he will show us how he has painted the eyes, gives texture to the haur and changed the color of the tunic to red.
Hi students! In the second part of the process of the thinker, Alfonso begins to build the texture of the faces starts with the clothing and explains why he changed his mind about the gray tunic.
Hi students! Today we bring you a new collaboration with Scale75, introducing his new product line "Characters", Alfonso has painted 2 boxarts and we want to share with you the painting process of both busts. In this first episode, Alfonso speaks about the idea behind this bust and starts the painting process of the skin.