Hey guys! This is the last “process” video of Thor. Yes, the last. We are thinking about doing a streaming […]
Hi guys! This is not the final part of Thor, but is close to. We will release an extra video […]
Hi guys! Finally, the process of Thor has been a bit more longer than expected. When Alfonso start teaching…time is […]
Hi guys! We are near the end of the Thor process! We leave you with the penultimate video of the […]
Hi guys! Thor is advancing, defining zones before the last videos. Next month this process will be finished, so keep […]
Hi guys! Following the idea of complete processes, we release the second part of Thor. A good way to start […]
Hey guys! Last video of the month. Enjoy the process (we are finishing our projects so you can have closed […]
Hi guys! We know you want to watch Marc in action, but the Volumetry is first! 😛 Video by Alfonso […]
Hi guys! Another video more! Do you want to know volumetry! Start here! Interpretate volumes is very important when painting […]