This week we want to bring you a closer look of a finished kickstarter project, the Mindwork Games kickstarter based on the art of Patrick J. Jones

Link to the campaign

1/ Hi Matteo, can you introduce yourselve and Mindwork Games?

Hi Hugo, o am Matteo Di Diomede, CEO and founder of Mindwork Games since 2014. As a modeller and a painter myself, my main concern has always been creating high-quality miniatures as well as interesting subjects. In 2020 I basically started from scratch with a new team, a new headquarter and several new projects, such as our Signature Series – a series of collaborations with some of the finest artists on the market, which eventually led us to create our first Kickstarter campaign,
“Worlds Lost in Time”.

2/ Why did you choose Patrick J. Jones for your project

Patrick J. Jones has always been one of my favourite artists. Being able to collaborate with him and create miniatures from his art, was basically a dream come true. We created this together and I couldn’t be prouder of the result.

3/ What is the most difficult challenge to make a big project like this?

Being so concerned with quality, our hardest challenge was finding the right balance between the
original artwork and the final miniature. We definitely wanted to create figures that could do justice
to the original painting and that could work in such a smaller scale. More than 10 people worked
for a year to make this possible.

4/ How long did take to bring life to a project like this?

We spent 2 years working on this project, from the starting of the brainstorming to the launch on kickstarter

5/ Which is your favourite figure of the campaign?

I think there is no answer,
each piece hides a different adventure, different people who worked on it, choosing one is like choosing among your own children

6/ Do you prefer 3d sculpt or traditional?

I am definitely more tied to traditional sculpture, but on the business side I believe that 3D is the best choice between production and final rendering

7/ The box art of your figures are different than the usual, has been difficult to find painters to bring the art of Patrick J. Jones to live?

I am very happy if this appears, I do not think it was a desired result, but the people chosen for the boxart did a magnificent job, harnessing the sensations and impressions typical of the art of patrick j jones in the best possible way

8/ What we can expect form the future of Mindwork Games?

We have a lot in store for the future! Soon we’ll announce new awesome collaborations and highquality projects. Follow us on our social profiles and stay tuned!

Thanks for yor time and good luck with your future projects!


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