Hi students! Many of you asked us for the video process of the other head that hung on the banner of the Gauls painted by Alfonso for Fer Miniatures. Here you have the first part.
Hi students! With this second part we end this interesting process where Alfonso shows us how to paint pale skin without making it look dead, in addition we also deal with a topic that many of you have asked us, how to paint hair on the arms. We hope it will be useful to you.
Hi! Today we want to bring you a new video speaking about a topic that many of you have asked us, how to use oils. In this case, Lukas Zaba has recorded some videos for us of how he painted this bust for his kickstarter campaign.
Hi students! Today we bring you a very interesting video where Alfonso will talk to us about how to paint pale skin and interpret volumes. This process is divided into 2 parts, the next one will be released next month.
Hi students! With this video we want to show you how to paint polished steel elements like a helmet, trying to achieve those reflection effects that give the figures a certain "realism". Alfonso gets down to work to be able to explain what types of colors, brushstrokes you can use to be able to apply it to your figures!
Hi! Today we bring you a different Fucksmoothness exercise, in this video Alfonso will use brushes, airbrush, sponges and even […]
Hi students! This month we bring you a very interesting video that combines a bit of color theory at the beginning with a stippling process creating a different effect from the techniques video, with more tones, etc.
Hi students! Alfonso is working hard in his World Tour "Back to the road 2022" in workshops of EEUU, Spain, Uk, Netherlands, etc. In one of this workshops he was interviewed for the Youtube channel "Rising Ape" about an interesting topic. Is a short and very interesting interview. Enjoy it!
Hi students! Today we bring you a video where we will talk about how to paint reflections on metal surfaces. […]