Hi guys! Here is the second part of the Gladiator process. Have a nice start of the week! Basilisk Sketching […]
Hi mates!  Here is the video about the sketching of NMM and start it. The weekend is coming and the […]
Hi guys! Start modeling is difficult, and especially if you have a wrong start because you haven´t prepared your material […]
Hi mates! This is our last official vid of 2018. Tomorrow there will be a small gift to close this […]
Hi Patrons! We wish you a happy holidays with your family in this special dates. We are all very busy, […]
Hey mates! Do you want to add more fur on your Space Wolves?  Give a savage touch to your barbarian? […]
Hi guys! A short video that we prepare some time ago with a common question: which color I have to […]
Hi there! I think is time to wish you all a Merry Christmas! This video will show you a different […]
Hi there guys! If you have any doubt about the basics of Milliput, this is your video! Basic information and […]
Hey guys! As promised, the second part of Jynx is here. An interesting video where Banshee explains lot of concepts […]