Hi everyone! In this free video David Arroba shows us a sneak peek of his content in the academy, hours […]
Hi! Today was scheduled the fourth part of the Imperator process but for technical reasons we need to release it […]
Video by David Basilisk Video by David Basilisk
Hi guys! No more excuses needed! You have since now a video about how to use your reflex camera and […]
Hi guys! This is a very useful tutorial about how paint the volumes in a face. Something I have to […]
Hi guys! The first video of the month is about something I have to correct in every class or workshop […]
Hi guys! Useless brushes in a month? Don´t worry, I have here some tips to give a longer life to […]
Hi mates! First video of the month, about volumetry for newbies. Alfonso will show you advanced volumetry soon, but both […]
Hi guys! This video is public access, because we wanted to help everyone to know what I think are the […]
Hi guys! This is a video about the secrets of the temporary or fake assembly. It´s very useful when we […]