Hi students! Today we bring you 3 small short videos focused on very specific topics, please share with us your opinion in the comments section because if you like them we have many prepared with various themes, matt varnish, pinning how to correctly take paint, etc.
Hi! Today was scheduled the fourth part of the Imperator process but for technical reasons we need to release it […]
Happy new year!! We hope you are starting the year with happyness and new goals to reach! And there is […]
Hey guys! As you know, I released a miniature brand last month, In Motion Creations, with a first duel that […]
Video by David Basilisk Video by David Basilisk
Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE
Hi guys! No more excuses needed! You have since now a video about how to use your reflex camera and […]
Hi guys! This is a very useful tutorial about how paint the volumes in a face. Something I have to […]
Hi guys! The first video of the month is about something I have to correct in every class or workshop […]
Hi guys! Useless brushes in a month? Don´t worry, I have here some tips to give a longer life to […]