Hi mates! First video of the month, about volumetry for newbies. Alfonso will show you advanced volumetry soon, but both […]
Hi guys! This video is public access, because we wanted to help everyone to know what I think are the […]
Hi guys! This is a video about the secrets of the temporary or fake assembly. It´s very useful when we […]
Hi there!  I know you all know how to make a wet palette, but this is the best version I […]
Hi guys! A short video that we prepare some time ago with a common question: which color I have to […]
Hi guys! This is a vid about the basic of the airbrush: recommendations, basic parts, etc. If you have any […]
Update: upload a version with less background noise. Check it out! Hey guys! Here is the first T&T Official video, […]
We begin with the free content, that all of you can enjoy, no matter if you are a Patron or […]