Hey mates! The process of the Space Marine ends here. It´s a bit different compared with our previous works, but […]
Hello mates! Here we have the 2nd part of the marine. Thank you very much for the comments received about […]
Good morning everyone! This is one of the new processes that we started this month: a Space Marine. Yes yes […]
Do you remember our first video on Patreon? Basilisk painted an Orange Space Marine Primaris. Now we have reedited this […]
This is the end of the path guys! We hope you have enjoyed and learn from the great Marc Masclans, […]
Well guys! Only one part remaining of the barbarian from Marc. Next month this process is ending, so be fast […]
Do you think we have only one vid of Marc? Not really! Second part of this awesome process! And the […]
Hi guys! Well! Here comes Marc! First video of his saga with this barbarian of Shadespire in which he will […]