Hello students!! Today, we bring you the one and only Julio Cabos to give us a masterclass on how to paint a horse. In this series of three videos, you will see Julio paint a horse from scratch. In this first video, we will learn how to start with the airbrush. In the second video, we will see how to implement the brush, and with these two techniques, you'll have a horse worthy of a competition. But Julio wanted to take it even further and will show us in a third video how to make it look even better by using both the brush and airbrush to enhance the previous paint job. To make the content more accessible, our friend Borjammer has dubbed this video in English. Enjoy it!
Hello students! To kick off the month of May, we bring you a Borjammer process where he will show us how to paint red armor in a simple and very effective way. This video is important for Borjammer because he wants to show us his version of Grimdark and the philosophy behind this term. And by the end of this week, we will be releasing the first video of a collaboration with Julio Cabos, where he will show us how to paint a horse using an airbrush and brush. Enjoy it!
Hi everyone! We haved some issues with the english videoreaction and we will upload them in a few days, sorry for the inconveniences. The last video of the April schedule! This one is special for us because is a great process where we want to explain how to work with the lack of inspiration and the fear to "ruin" your works. Enjoy it!! Hugo
Hi everyone! We haved some issues with the english videoreaction and we will upload them in a few days, sorry for the inconveniences. In this third part Alfonso will continue the painting process of this Chibi with a different painting style. Enjoy it!!
Hello students!! Today Borjammer shows a small tutorial about how to paint mini portraits. He has recorded this video during the paint of this box art of this beautiful miniature from Victor Aguilar. Enjoy!
Hi students! Hi students! Today we bring to you this process of Rafa where he will show us how to paint this Age of Sigmar miniatures. Enjoy it!
Hi students! The third chapter is available in english! Today we want to share with you the fourth chapter of this amazing figure painted by Rodrigo Akore Enjoy it!
Hi students! In this new video we will show you how to paint an easy skintone with premade flesh tones mixing them to achieve a great result.
Hi students! Hi students! Borjammer is in the Adepticon and he will made the english dub as soon he returns to the studio, sorry for the delay. In this third episode, Rodrigo will show us how he has painted the horse of this great Age of Sigmar miniature. Enjoy it! Enjoy it!
Hi students! Hi everyone! Today we bring you a content quite different from the usual. As you all know, we are "exploring" new video formats and content that may interest you. Thanks to your feedback, we have been improving, and we have implemented those things that you have liked. In today's video, we will be able to see a fragment of a private critique from the group "The Journey," which are the students whom Alfonso guides in their projects. On this occasion, the critique is directed to Anthony Wang, who is painting his version of "The Thinker," aiming to imitate a Chiaroscuro similar to Caravaggio's. Enjoy it!!