Hi students! We’re sorry for re-scheduling the content, but technical issues have forced us to change the release order of […]
Hi everyone! This month we need to modify the scheduled videos, instread of publish the first part of Kragnos, we […]
Hi students! This month we begin the boxart process of this busts. We have decided to take a different course […]
Hi everyone! This is the November streaming with English subtitles created by Garbiñe, this time David shows us the painting […]
Hi everyone! We have changed a little bit the November schedule to bring you the next chapter of Aries. In […]
Hi guys! Here is the 6th part of our bit toad. I hope you are enjoying Sunday and that you […]
Hi everyone! I this third part of the Garmr process David show us how he painted the blade of the […]
Hi! This month we want to bring a slightly different video, this time Alfonso will analyze the work of two […]
Hi guys! Welcome to the part 4 of the Hospitalier, where Julio is painting the face of this awesome figure, […]
Hi everyone! A lot of people have asked us for more 28-32mm processes and in this occasion David has visited […]