Hi students! In the ninth part of this process Alfonso starts to evaluate the process and looking how it looks […]
Hi everyone! This month we start a new project. We are going to paint this 75mm figure of Beyond Miniatures […]
Hi everyone! In this third episode of this process of Aries of the Scale75 kickstarter Zodiac Mystic signs Alfonso continues […]
Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay we haved some technical issues, but they are solved! Today we release the last […]
Hi everybody! Summer is ending, but not the quality content! So here is the video from Julio and his hospitalier! […]
Hi everyone! The last video of august is the new painting process of David Basilisk, the new version of one […]
Hi students! In this part Alfonso has worked in the dragon skin giving texture and layers of information. Remember to […]
Hi everyone! Today we have posted the last part of this short process of this figrure from the Cursed city […]
Hi everyone! Today we release the third chapter of Capricorn of the kickstarter campaign of Scale75’s Zodiac Mystic signs, in […]
Hi everyone! This week we bring to you the first part of this undead from the Cursed City box. Enjoy […]