Hi students! In this second part Alfonso continues with the painting process of this Games Workshop Vampire giving tips about how to enhance your 23-32mm miniatures.
Hi students! In the second part of the process of the thinker, Alfonso begins to build the texture of the faces starts with the clothing and explains why he changed his mind about the gray tunic.
Hi students! In this second chapter, Alfonso shows us how he paints a secong Grisaille only with brush.
Hi students! Sorry for the delay with the planning of last month and during May we will catch up with everything interspersing the delayed videos with those scheduled for May. In this first video of Techniques, Alfonso will tell us about the Grisailles and will show us how to make a simple one with Spray and modify it slightly. This Friday we will publish the second part so that you can see how he paint a Grisaille with brush.
Hi students! This month we want to start with a quite different video where we show how a very good artwork can be improved, in this case Borja will react to the video correction Alfonso made to the figure he presented to the Golden Demon and you will be able to appreciate the end the result. With this content we want to show you how small details and interpretantions can make your work look much better. This month you are going to love the video about Grisaille, a masterclass that will become one of the most representative videos of the academy.
Hi students! This bust is awesome! In this third chapter David finish the wild boar hat and it looks fantastic.
Hi students! In this second chapter, David shows us how to make texture in the leather band and the wild boar hat. This is a great and very useful video about texture.
Hi students! In the third part of this process, Rodrigo will show us how he has given the final touches to the details and paints the base. If you have enjoyed this processes and want to see more Rodrigo Akore content, please share with us your thoughts in the comments section.
Hi students! In this fourth chapter or Belhor, David shows us how he has painted the horns, skulls and he starts the red OSL. If you want to get this miniature or any other, Hera Models gives us a 10% discount for Academy students. Enjoy it!
Hi students! Today we bring you the painting process of this awesome bust sculpted by Lucas Pina for his own brand Spira Mirabilis, in this first episode David shows us how he has painted the skin of this great bust.