Hi students! Today David Arroba brings us a new free video for all of you in which he shows us how to paint the wings of the winged primarch and you can apply this technic in all the feathered creatures you want to paint.
Hi everyone! A lot of people have asked us for more 28-32mm processes and in this occasion David has visited […]
Hey mates! The process of the Space Marine ends here. It´s a bit different compared with our previous works, but […]
Hello mates! Here we have the 2nd part of the marine. Thank you very much for the comments received about […]
Good morning everyone! This is one of the new processes that we started this month: a Space Marine. Yes yes […]
Do you remember our first video on Patreon? Basilisk painted an Orange Space Marine Primaris. Now we have reedited this […]
Hi guys! This month we have an special guest: Banshee. Remember our first vid, the Orange Space Marine Primaris? We […]