Hi guys! The first video of the month is about something I have to correct in every class or workshop […]
Hey guys! Last video of the month. Enjoy the process (we are finishing our projects so you can have closed […]
Well guys! Only one part remaining of the barbarian from Marc. Next month this process is ending, so be fast […]
Hi guys! Useless brushes in a month? Don´t worry, I have here some tips to give a longer life to […]
Hi guys! You told us that we have miss the pt2 of the Invocatio Process, what the…?! So here it […]
Do you think we have only one vid of Marc? Not really! Second part of this awesome process! And the […]
Hi guys! Well! Here comes Marc! First video of his saga with this barbarian of Shadespire in which he will […]
Hi guys! We know you want to watch Marc in action, but the Volumetry is first! 😛 Video by Alfonso […]
Hi guys! Another video more! Do you want to know volumetry! Start here! Interpretate volumes is very important when painting […]
Hi mates! First video of the month, about volumetry for newbies. Alfonso will show you advanced volumetry soon, but both […]