Hi guys! This is not the final part of Thor, but is close to. We will release an extra video […]
Hi guys! Final part of this short serie of How To! We are waiting to see your processes so don´t […]
Hi guys! Ready to start the month! A bit late, we know! But we need some holidays too! We hope […]
Hi guys! Finally, the process of Thor has been a bit more longer than expected. When Alfonso start teaching…time is […]
Hi guys! Second part of The Red video…some of you were awaiting for it, I know it! Cliff hanger!! 😛 […]
Doubts with the red? Do you want to learn color theory step by step? Banshee´s color theory courses are over, […]
Hi guys! While releasing the next part of Thor, you have here an special of two parts about Freehands. What […]
Hi guys! We are near the end of the Thor process! We leave you with the penultimate video of the […]
This is the end of the path guys! We hope you have enjoyed and learn from the great Marc Masclans, […]
Hi guys! Thor is advancing, defining zones before the last videos. Next month this process will be finished, so keep […]