We begin with the free content, that all of you can enjoy, no matter if you are a Patron or not (other months they won´t be so lucky!). We like you to stay healthy, so the first thing is to take care of your eyes…before starting to paint!

Remember that you can give us feedback, we are a bit busy now but we will read it later for sure!

Video by David Basilisk


Empezamos con el contenido gratuito, que todos podrán disfrutar aunque no sean del Patreon (¡otros meses no tendrán tanta suerte!). Nos gusta cuidaros, así que lo primero es cuidar vuestra vista…¡antes de ponerse a pintar!

Recordad que podéis darnos vuestra opinión, ¡aunque ahora mismo estamos un poco atareados la leeremos luego!

Video by David Basilisk


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