Hello people! We want to wish you happy holidays with your loved ones. If Santa Claus visits you today, we […]
Hey! Ho! Let´s go! hi guys! New video of Sihlas Fenn! I hope you are enjoying the process as much […]
Hi guys! Last video of the month, with this third part of Sihlas! It´s getting a fierce ork looking! Remember […]
Hi guys! Lets continue with the series Conversion and our Sihlas Fenn becoming an Ork! Remember that you have a […]
NEW SERIES! Hello guys! We are releasing our first video of this new series: Conversion. Working over a piece of […]
Hi guys! A video about making ears in your miniatures…and tomorrow… New series: CONVERSIONS! Enjoy! Video by Alfonso Giraldes BANSHEE […]
Hey guys! Super useful tutorial (I wish I had it 10 years ago) to create realistic rock with Milliput. No […]
Hi guys! Now you are ready to customize your miniatures! Well, at least in the armory options, haha. Enjoy! Video […]
Hi guys! It´s time to start the forge and make weapons for your armies!! Learn how to make any kind […]
Hi guys! Happy Sunday! This is our first video about how to make your own sculpting tools. We hope you […]